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Hand held sawing refers to using a portable saw fitted with diamond blades. This is more convenient for smaller jobs, where manoeuvrability and space is limited and the depth of cut required is moderate.

Ring Sawing is commonly used in conjunction with a handsaw, to achieve a depth of up to 265mm. A Hand Saw is used as a pre-cutting device to achieve an initial depth of 150mm. The Ring Saw is then used to go deeper.

Typical sawing applications include:

  • Formation of new doorways and windows
  • Expansion cutting into new concrete
  • Demolition cutting of walls and floors
  • Penetrations for service ducts
  • Creating openings for electrical and plumbing services
  • Sawing concrete pipe to length
  • Cutting in Confined Spaces (using hydraulic or electric equipment)
  • Creating openings in reinforced concrete floors where access is restricted (ie Riser Cupboards)
  • Cutting or Widening Expansion Joints
  • Removal of existing overhangs and soffits
  • Cutting/Extending existing openings in floors where access is restricted
  • Precise trimming
  • Concrete Cutting


  • Hand Held Saws - Cut to a maximum depth of 150mm deep
  • Ring Saws - Cut to a maximum depth of 265mm deep
  • Flush Cutter - Cut to a maximum depth of 200mm deep
  • Dragon Saw - Cut to a maximum depth of 400mm deep

Types of Hand held Saws:

  • Petrol Saws - Used for all outside works.
  • Hydraulic Saw - Used when there is poor ventilation where cutting are required.
  • Electric high frequency Also used for indoor, enclosed, or confined areas.

The hydraulic power pack that runs the hydraulic saw comes in two options.

  • Petrol - When an outside area is available within 20 metres of the cutting location.
  • Electrical - When no outside areas are available to sit the power pack, 3 phase electrics are required.

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