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Diamond tipped deep core drilling in Sydney is one of the only ways to drill through heavy steel re-enforced concrete and does not have any vibration, so it is perfect for sensitive areas.

Core drilling refers to diamond tipped barrels that are capable of drilling through masonry products and when complete leaves a neat circular penetration through the drilled surface. Drilling core holes is one of the only ways to penetrate heavy steel re-enforced concrete.Core drilling is used in a large range of applications where a circular hole is required completely or partway through a floor or wall.

It is possible to core drill almost any material to any depth horizontally, vertically or at any angle as required. Core holes varying in diameter from 10mm up to 1000mm are achievable. Holes can be drilled to any depth with the aid of extension bars added to the drill bit to continue coring to the required depth.

Typical core drilling applications include:

  • horizontal, vertical or holes drilled at any angle
  • Pipes, cables and ductwork for the installation of air-conditioning
  • drilling in confined spaces
  • reinforced concrete, brick, block work or stone
  • bollard installation
  • stitch drilling.

Stitch is a method of using interlocking diamond cored holes to provide openings of any shape or size in reinforced concrete and other building materials, through walls, floors and soffits.

The use of suctions pads as a fixing device enables us to drill bench tops and finished surfaces without any damage to the surface itself.

Types we use:

  • hand drilling - used for diameters from 14mm 150mm diameter where an anchor hole is not permitted.
  • 240V Electrical drill rigs - used for everyday general core holes.
  • hydraulic drills - used for larger diameter holes; drilling inverted holes (a core hole that is to be drilled from underneath the slab); when electrical equipment is not allowed to be used
  • weighted rig - used to drill through asphalt and other soft materials where an anchor will not hold.


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